bohdana khmelnytskogo, 33|34kyiv, ukraine

casta rivermal

Showroom of CASTA glasses brand in River Mall shopping center. The area of the projected space is 67 sq. m. The signal / industrial color of the facade creates a strong visual concept. The reason why the showroom came to the forefront among the lines of the shopping premises is the color of their showcase. We used utilitarian and industrial materials in this project. MDF, galvanizing, perforated metal, grating and silicone curtains (PVC) have functional and decorative functions. The layout is created on a radial principle. The client follows an artificial circular route and gets acquainted with the full exposition of goods without missing anything In the centre of the composition is a cash register with reception made of untreated granite.

  • Year:
  • Location:
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Category:
  • Area:
    68 m2
  • Architect:
    vakhrin artem
    alina yatsenko
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