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kimera beauty

The five-story building on Pankovska 8 Street Kyiv is a place that has adopted the beauty parlor ‘KIMERA’. Initially, it was an old clubhouse, a typical historic city-center castle, that hid gargoyles and had a fountain decorated with snakes in its courtyard. The entrance to the salon is located on the facade wall, while the living doors are behind. The total area of space makes 112 ​sq.m A tender pink is used as the primary color, and a powder shade of terrazzo is the floor base. Its combination brings body warmth and enveloping comfort. A fondatrice of the salon is passionate about gothic and anime that specified decorations and decor. The vintage mirror in a color bar is a heavenly body spontaneously caught at one flea market. Designers Artem Vakhrin and Katya Aivazian have met their challenge in dividing space into zones like working places for hairdressers-hairstylers and make-up artists, a waiting area, a reception, a color bar, and in setting up a shop. The shape of the premise determines the decision.

Even though the hall was divided in half, the room maintained an open-space concept. A customized sofa and a glass partition were put in for this purpose (the couch consists of individual poufs, which might be stand-alone), so the area management becomes a functional solution. The glass curtain also closes a wardrobe rail. Designers have used a light box system to brighten the working area, but the reception area is pointwise lighted with luminaires. A chandelier of the Spanish brand ‘BY XJER STUDIO’ and a table lamp of the brand ‘Artemide’ are additional stylistic features of the main hall. The color bar, staff room, and restrooms are in the secondary hall, which is smaller than the main one. Rooms are connected by a mirrored corridor reflecting a Gothic castle. The effect has been reached by putting a photo wallpaper on the opposite wall so the mirror could display the picture. Playing colorful LED stripes was used for lightning. Combining Gothic, Anime, and Pink, the ‘KIMERA’ beauty salon has become a place for enjoyable makeovers.

  • Year:
  • Location:
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Category:
  • Area:
    114 m2
  • Architect:
    vakhrin artem
    katya aivazian
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