bohdana khmelnytskogo, 33|34kyiv, ukraine

maple wood chess

"Maple Wood Chess combines the cultural and architectural features of different regions of Ukraine, which is reflected in the chess design. The first version of the chessboard is reminiscent of the geometry of buildings and human silhouettes in Western Ukraine with its European architectural influences, including Baroque, Renaissance, and Neo-Gothic. The second option reflects Central Ukraine's more industrialized and flexible nature, where modern and Soviet architecture predominates. Both styles complement each other, embodying the interaction of tradition and modernity in a versatile product.

Chess embodies masculine beauty and sophistication, symbolized through the image of maple. Maple is known for its clear and neat shape, reflected in its comprehensive but well-defined leaves. This natural motif is carried over into the chess design, emphasizing the slenderness, purity of lines, and aesthetic completeness of every detail, making it not just a game but a symbol of style and skill.

The design was developed with particular attention to quality and authenticity. The main principles included using natural materials, working with Ukrainian craftsmen, and perfecting every detail. Selecting the wood, its tone, and finish was complex and required numerous experiments to find the perfect combination that would meet the desired high standard of appearance.

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