bohdana khmelnytskogo, 33|34kyiv, ukraine

sonya zikurat

LUTIKI concept space in the Kaniv district is a unique architectural combination of modernity and nature. It creates a space where the @lutiki_series brand can reveal its history and values, and visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. The object is made of local natural materials, stained oak, raw stones, and a plinth. The main idea of this architectural object is to visually reduce its size by digging the main floor 1.5 meters underground. This creates an unusually spacious atmosphere inside the building, and its compact form blends elegantly into the natural landscape. Unhardened rough stones are laid out around the building, which have a decorative function and provide a comfortable temperature inside, external waterproofing, and organic steps to climb to the created terrace. This extraordinary combination of aesthetics and functionality uniquely charms this project. 

  • Year:
  • Location:
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Category:
  • Area:
    20 m2
  • Architect:
    vakhrin artem
    katya aivazian
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