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locationkyiv, ukraine
size802 m²
artem vakhrin katya zuieva kristyna muntyan katya aivazian

project of a business class hotel for it company. the image of a white monolithic rectangle having its own structure and segments, reminiscent of the processes occurring in the computer. the structure of the building is made of a frame with enclosing structures made of light-transmitting glass blocks, which allow insolation of the room, making the window plane as possible. this solution creates an effect of open space, flowing from the interior with its microclimate in the exterior of the historic city. it is envisaged that the design of the blocks has different "haze" modes, which allows to regulate both the insulation and the need for privacy, while refusing from the curtains and blinds. the building is divided into 5 blocks. the 1st floor includes an entrance lobby group, a reception, a coffee shop, a waiting and rest area. 2-6 floors are given for living space with rooms. 7th floor - a buffer zone with covorking, a meeting room, a recreation area. on the 8th floor there is a bar / restaurant with the possibility to go to the terrace of the 9th floor with a view of the historic center of Kyiv.