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locationkyiv, ukraine
size231 m²
katya zuieva katya aivazian

the main task the team pursued when designing this facility was to create an exclusive venue aimed at a female audience that offers a full range of services needed to prepare for an important event, whether it is attending a party as a guest or a wedding as a bride. the uniqueness begins with the approach of the staff and the concept of customer service, which contributed to the most significant extent to the creation of the venue's design. the biggest challenge was that the facility has two floors, one of them being a basement with no natural light. therefore, the flight of steps is emphasized with the help of full height curtains and installations made of acrylic petals, which is not just a connecting passage, but creates the effect of a single space flowing between floors from a common area to a more intimate fitting one. the lower floor is divided into two rooms: the spatial solution of the fitting spaces located in the first one is that of a single space separated by curtains and a podium. with this approach, the visitor has the opportunity to choose any scenario comfortable for her, whether it is chatting with friends from the support group that can sit at the front of the dressing room on a huge couch with a glass of prosecco, or privacy at the back achieved by going out into the mirror corridor. the main element of the next room is a mirror cube, opening the doors of which you can get into another fitting room. the cube lures one into a kind of labyrinth, behind the walls of which utility rooms and a bathroom are hidden from the eyes of visitors. the planning solution invites girls to go all the way from browsing through and choosing dresses and accessories for holiday clothes to makeup, hairstyles and cosmetic procedures. to achieve this, the space was divided into separate halls and cabinets, where the main separators are the interior finish materials used two terrazzo colors in the flooring, gold trim of the arches, curtains, and mirrors. to create a genuinely permeable space, individual bright elements were used as magnets allowing one to escape from a flat spatial composition into a volumetric one In the first hall that visitors enter such is an accessory table creating a welcoming composition. it is made of mirrors in order to reflect and make more pronounced the main content of the hall rails with dresses, and at the same time to attract attention with its unusual bow-like shape. the next unusual shape this place can boast is a rail for exclusive and rare outfits, put together in the form of strung pearls. the signature visual and spatial style of the venue was developed by us in such a way that it is made as a single concept including its interior