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locationkyiv, ukraine
size42 m²
artem vakhrin olga chaikovska

the project of a coffee shop, located near a major transport hub on the way out of the city, carries not only the direct function of a cafe with drinks and desserts, but also provides its visitors with an opportunity to take a breather before and after a long journey. it was decided to create an interior calm and unobtrusive, but at the same time catch the eye of passers-by. the mustard color is the accent signature spot, which creates a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. it is used in this room along the entire front wall behind the work area, as well as part of the furniture on the summer terrace in this color. an unusual element in this interior is a transparent box filled with dried flowers and illuminated by neon. the authors sought to make the interior as functional as possible, so the box combines a decorative function with a utilitarian one: the tabletop is located at such a mark to provide the visitor with a comfortable (and quite popular nowadays) coffee-to-go format - you can simply put a drink to free your hands before leaving, you can stay longer to drink coffee while standing.