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namephysical health boutique
locationdoha, qatar
size8,5 m²
artem vakhrin alyona sotnichenko

the task of the team was to create a unique solution that would meet the set requirements for the interior of the diagnostic center. after a detailed analysis, they took as an association to colors and materials: cities, nature, architecture and people, and tried to create an image of qatar. color combinations of ivory, stainless steel, sandstone, travertine and light wood create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

the premises are functionally divided into two areas - the client reception area and the examination area. Inside the car, the walls are lined with stainless steel, which gives a feeling of sterility and minimalism, the floor is made of ivory linoleum. the lighting solution is made due to the technology of light paper and led panels, on the ceiling and the end wall in the diagnostic area. the entrance area is responsible for the first meeting with the patient. in this area, the front two seats are missing, but there is a mini bar and a place to store the doctor's personal belongings. there is also a table for negotiations with the client, which is made of sandstone and has a structure that can be folded into a single panel on the wall if necessary to increase the space. the chairs are selected according to the ergonomic rules of a straight back for the doctor and the patient.

the second part of the space serves as an area for diagnostics, in order to structure the space into zones, a decision was made to divide it with a curtain, which is made in a warm color scheme to match the atmosphere of the entire space, as well as an unevenly shaped sandstone partition that closes the mini kitchen and the patient examination area, along with it serves as a place where you can change clothes. In the examination area, there is a mini kitchen, a workplace for the doctor, a storage place for documents in the form of lower and upper drawers with led strip lighting, which are made in one module of travertine and an in-body machine, there is also a folding couch, which is fully made made of light wood, it can easily be pushed out or folded against the wall, turning it into a wooden box, while freeing up more space for the device. under the couch there is a storage place for sheets and towels, which, like the couch, is made in the same wood texture.

the exterior of our machine is made in a gradient from beige to mirror chrome, as a symbol of purification, purity of consciousness and blessing after diagnosis.