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namestatus dent
locationkyiv, ukraine
size160 m²
artem vakhrin

private clinic, the total area of ​​which is 160 sq.m., was previously a pharmacy, and was given to the designer and builders in a dilapidated state. the newly created premises consist of three offices where dentists are admitted, an x-ray room, a bathroom and utility rooms. based on the principles according to which the customer approaches the work, the general concept of the interior was also developed. since the main value here, in addition to an experienced doctor, is high-quality dental equipment, the main task of the author's team was to concentrate attention on the technique, to professionally emphasize what the client turns to status dent for. In the process of implementation, the designer encountered many nuances that are characteristic only of medical institutions: sometimes clear state standards dictated their limited conditions. in the composition of the furniture ensemble and finishing materials, the choice was based solely on taste preferences. to put it simply, we took what we liked, not what brands and salons dictated. some elements were made according to their own sketches in local workshops. one of the favorite elements in the interior is an intricately shaped mirror attached to one of the walls in the reception area.