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locationkyiv, ukraine
size129 m²
artem vakhrin alina yatsenko

"what was not art yesterday can become one. then it begins to need interaction not only internal, but also external - multidisciplinary. at the same time, there remains the need to create freely, fleeing from the ugly reality in the nonconformism of the underground. then the goal is to create a new platform for art interactive. media platforms and a shelter for art in itself. where it is both continuous kitsch and an intellectual feat. the conditions that allow knowledge to go into constructive communication and vice versa. just in time. if the artist has a deity, then everyone finds his own temple. for beauty is not in culture, but in eternity." slava kononov

the tattoo studio project is located on the territory of the former ribbon-weaving factory on nyzhnoiurkivska street in kyiv. the industrial past gave the building a structural skeleton of columns and beams. the system of this construct has influenced the zone creation. the acid-colored pvc curtain protects the workroom from draughts and dust, creating comfortable environment for tattooing. in the guest area there is a reception with a merchandise shop, relaxation zone and a restroom. there is also a private space which serves as a workshop, a warehouse and a recreation area. an old brick shell crumbled and collapsed with time and precipitation. the best solution was to finish it using wet waterproofing. the new glossy black primary color repeats the texture of the old shell and creates an amazing effect. a light structure was created according to the configuration of the beams. it passes through all the zones with linear light which divides into groups for each of the artists